The Sonic defender is universal and popular tool. It's include repellent, flash light and dog whistle in one. The application emit an adjustable unique wide range frequency sound (15-24000hz)  that can protect you from many of animals, insects, birds and even from annoying people. In repellent mode it will prevents you from getting bitten by mosquitoes and some other nasty bugs. The app does not guarantee a 100% protection because there are over 3500 known mosquito species in the world and they all react slightly different to the repellent. BUT you can use manual adjuster to find optimal repelling frequency for the insects in your region. Keep this app close to you and enjoy the outdoors without bites...

Also you can train your dog using this app as simple dog whistle. 


- Presets for Mosquito, Dog, Rat, annoying young people 

- You can manually tune frequencies 15-24000 Hz 

- Tested on many of insects

- Tested on some spiders

- Flashlight, you can use a light and tone generator at the same time.

- The app store your adjustments for each mode.

- The app draw signal graph on screen to help you understand current mode.

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